June 10, 2018
DAILY MAIL: Anthony Hopkins by Louise Gannon

'I don't regret the anger. I don't regret drinking. Life can be painful. That's the deal.' In an exclusive interview with Event, Sir Anthony Hopkins talks Hannibal Lecter, loathing luvvies and how at 80 he never forgets his lines.'With his 80th birthday fast approaching, Sir Anthony Hopkins should be pondering a long-awaited, well-earned rest to do what the hell he damn well likes. But Hopkins isn’t having any of it. The word ‘retirement’ is met with the same chilling stare that kept Jodie Foster (as FBI student Clarice Starling) on her toes in Silence Of The Lambs. ‘If I stopped working I feel I would die,’ he says. ‘And so I go on. I don’t want it to be over, so you are stuck with me. I feel good, I work out, I work all the time and I don’t want to stop, so there it is.’

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