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The Muir Gallery Outdoor Art Exhibit 2016 !

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Muir Fine Art Gallery welcomes all contemporary and urban art lovers alike to experience The Muir Gallery Outdoor Art Exhibit @ CityCentre Houston debuting in April 2016. Due to the success of The Mural Project @ CityCentre Houston in 2015, Muir Fine Art Gallery and CJL Media Arts Group will further this concept through the installation of new digital murals throughout the course of the year.

Muir Fine Art Gallery and CJL Media Arts Group have been dedicated to "Making Houston the Arts Destination of the South."  With the upcoming exciting series of events in store for Houston, Arts and Culture will feature at the forefront in the beautiful CityCentre Houston destination.  Come by take selfie and share on social media #MuirOutdoorGallery2016 !

Exhibiting Artists

Jimmy Houston

Sponsored by Muir Fine Art Gallery

"Ship To Shore"

2 - 24 x 48


Jimmy Houston

Sponsored by CJL Media Arts Group


36" x 24"


Jimmy Houston

Sponsored by CJL Media Arts Group

"Rough and Tough"

24" x 30"

Jimmy Houston

Sponsored by Dynamic Electronic Systems

"Home of the Brave"

30" x 40"

Anita Varadaraju

Sponsored by MindMesh Inc.

"Dive The Deep Waters My Soul, Swim Through The Rough Seas"

60" x 48"


Kara Moats

"Mike's Tractor"

48" x 48"


Shanii Renay

Sponsored by Prevalent Health


"Revealing Nature"

38" x 54"

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