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Sir Anthony Hopkins Dreamscapes III "In A Blink" Collection


This capitvating new series of paintings by Sir Anthony Hopkins entitled Dreamscapes III "In A Blink" curated by Muir Fine Art Gallery in March 2017, turned out to be eerily prophetic for Houston and the South Texas region. Hurricane Harvey changed the landscape of the city "In a Blink"...of a hurricanes' eye August 25th - September 2nd 2017.

With titles like: "Prophecy", "Premonition", "Pathos", "Captain of the Sea", "Midsummer Dream" and "Visions of Yesterday" ~  Sir Anthony Hopkins' dream inspired artworks gave us pause to ponder the extent of his prophetic gifts in this medium of self expression as we rehung the gallery after Hurricane Harvey passed.  

With this as context, we open the doors to Dreamscapes III "In A Blink" Exhibition in our new spot located in CityCentre Two Building with a renewed sense of purpose...we are working alongside Houston Children's Charity (HCC)  a 501 (c)(3) organization to assist in one of their Hurricane Harvey Relief goals. HCC's "A Better Night's Sleep" campaign enlists the support of Puerto Rican native and Astros favorite, Carlos Correa and respected news anchor veteran, Dave Ward as their media champions.  

Our gallery support will entail:

1) Muir Fine Art Gallery will donate a percentage of gross sales from the Dreamscapes III "In A Blink" collection to the HCC charity.  

2) Visitors to the Dreamscapes III "In A Blink" Exhibition can make a direct online donation to Houston Children's Charity via their personal iPhone or at a kiosk located inside the gallery.  Donors will receive written acknowledgement of their donation from HCC.

No cash donations will be accepted.

We look forward to helping children throughout the greater Houston area with your support !

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